I am a true believer that "THROUGH PLAY, CHILDREN  LEARN".  Play helps children with their cognitive, social and emotional skills, speech and language, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, imagination, and creativity to name a few. While a child is playing they are learning so much.

As a provider I offer materials and activities developmentally appropriate for the children and what their interest is. 

-We go outside as much as possible depending on weather. Nature is a beautiful thing.

-Blocks of all form and shapes

-Paint (art is beautiful)

-We bake and cook

-We play with sensory bins

-Water and sand table

- music and sing along

-Lots of educational game

-Stories are read each day by me and the older children


-cars are constantly played with making traffic jams, road ways etc.

These are just a few things that we do in our home. Sometimes the children's interest changes so more materials will be added to encourage play.

When your child comes home and you ask what did you do today and they say "Played"  know that through their play they have learned a lot!