The children's health and safety is my number one priority in my day home.  Meals and snacks are planned according to the Canada Food Guide.

I like to discuss with the children what we are eating and drinking, what food groups the food would fall in, and how it helps our bodies.  A great way to introduce health to young children.

I offer lunch and two snacks, milk and water.  I do not serve juice in the day home as I feel they get it from the fruits.  If the children request more snacks through the day or drinks they will not be denied. To see some of our meals and snacks that are served, please visit our FB page.

On special occasions like Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines. we will have cookies or cupcakes. Usually the children help to bake them and have a lot of fun doing it. If parents would like to send a long cookies or cupcakes etc. feel free to as long as they are nut free.

I ask that parents do not bring food to the day home for there are children with allergies, unless the baby is on formula or baby food.  The reason being is so every child is eating the same thing and most importantly, I need to know what they are eating due to allergies.Please avoid arriving in the morning with food.  So please keep the cooking up to me. 

Please inform me of any food allergies your child may have during the interview.

To ensure the safety of all the children, only you or your designate(s) may pick up your child. Phoning me to let me know someone else is coming is fine if I know the person or your child can identify them. Also identification must be presented to me before I release the child.

The children will never be unsupervised.  They are in a very safe home who they will love.